Photos by Doug Watts of the natural beauty of the recently restored sections of the Presumpscot River in southern Maine:

Presumpscot Falls -- Gallery One.
Presumpscot River -- Gallery Two.
Presumpscot Gallery -- Mill Brook.

Photos by Tim Watts of wild native brook trout in a spring-fed tributary of the Taunton River in Raynham, Mass:

Native Massachusetts Brook Trout.

Photos by Doug Watts of male and female sea lamprey spawning in Bond Brook in downtown, Augusta, Maine:

Spawning Sea Lamprey in Bond Brook.

Photos by Tim and Doug Watts of resumption of traditional use of the Kennebec River in Augusta, Maine after the breaching of the Edwards Dam in Summer 1999:

Five Mile Island Gallery One.
Five Mile Island Gallery Two.

Photos by Doug Watts of the return of native alewives to Majorigomigosek (Seven Mile Stream) in Vassalboro, Maine, seven miles above the Kennebec River's head of tide:

Majorigomigosek (Seven Mile Stream).

Photos by Doug Watts of the recovery of pollution and dam-intolerant aquatic insects to the Kennebec River at the Edwards Dam site in Augusta, Maine in April 2004:

Stoneflies At Head of Tide, Kennebec River.

Photos by Doug Watts of early spring at Fisher Brook, one mile above Kennebec Head of Tide:

Fisher Brook at Fiddlehead Time, Kennebec River.