Who We Are

Kennebec Reborn, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit conservation organization founded in 2011 to advocate and promote the restoration of native sea-run fish to their historic habitat in the rivers of New England.

Its founding board members are Douglas Watts of Augusta, Maine; Lori Watts of Augusta, Maine; Roger Wheeler of Fryeburg, Maine; Tim Watts of North Easton, Mass.; and Kerry Hardy of Lincolnville, Maine.

KR and its board members work closely with allied national, regional and local conservation groups at various levels of formality to bring our native sea-run fish back to their homes. KR is the caretaker of the Atlantic Salmon History Project, an on-line archive of historic documents and records which describe the former abundance of sea-run fish in New England rivers and their progressive dimunition since the late 1700s.

Our mailing address is 131 Cony Street, Augusta, Maine 04330; email is info 'at' dougwatts.com